7 Reasons to Opt for Home Services Franchise in the Current Scenario

  • Manish Khanna
  • Evaluation
  • October 12, 2020
7 Reasons to Opt for Home Services Franchise in the Current Scenario

The COVID-19 pandemic has restructured businesses that depended on satisfying customers with a personal touch. The threat of the lethal virus has pushed people indoors and has made socialising take a back seat. Naturally, homes have been converted into mini offices and have become a 24-hour sanctuary for family members. The social distancing norms have forced consumers to purchase goods through the digital medium and get services at their doorstep.

Consequently, home services have been booming in the current scenario that has made marketers find new ways of reaching customers. If you are planning to purchase a franchise for sale in Australia, then this is the best time to invest in one of the home services to make the most of these unprecedented circumstances. Since people are spending more time at home, they are concerned about its maintenance and are dreading catching diseases. Industries which are gaining all the attention during the pandemic are house cleaning, pest control, aged care, food delivery, lawn care, etc.

Since franchises are the best way to become a part of these thriving domains, you must make your way into these services to earn a significant income. Here are seven reasons that will make you choose them over others without a slightest of doubt in your mind.

 1. Low Investment Entry

Purchasing any franchise requires one-time buying cost and ongoing royalties and franchise fee. However, when you opt for businesses which require spending on infrastructure, the costs go up. For example, if you plan to purchase a restaurant for sale, then you need to spend on the lease, interiors, furniture, equipment, staff, etc. On the other hand, when you opt for a home services franchise, you do not need an office as you will be offering the service on-site. Also, you will not be spending on acquiring furniture and fixtures. Thus you will only have to pay for the exclusive territory of operation.

2. Mobile Services Are Preferred

The fact that consumers do not have to travel to the shop to avail the service has made home services a favourite. These services can be booked online without any hassles. The growth of digital businesses has made the government invest in the sector to recover the economy. Thus consumers can quickly find them online and even compare different service providers to make their pick. All these advantages make them highly desired in the industry. Also, it gives the franchisee the benefit of moving around in a trailer with the supplies to cover the specific geographical area. The mobile nature of the business makes it convenient and comfortable for the franchisee to trade in the territory.

 3. Ongoing Demand

Home services such as cleaning and landscaping will always be in demand since these fall in the category of necessities. They are not material goods which will lose sheen or get old and will have to be bought again. Home services like plumbing, landscaping, aged care and handyman services are essential to maintain any property and are required even during the pandemic.

Aged care is one of the most profitable franchises to own in Australia. They are safer than any other service in the times of pandemic as the consumers do not have to move out of their homes to avail them. The service providers come prepared for the job and bring the safety gear with them. Also, the cleaning services are being highly demanded as people are aiming to get their homes disinfected and sanitised to keep away germs and bacteria. The need for these services will continue even after the pandemic is over.

 4. Country Demographics

Aging people are growing in the country. According to the 2017 statistic, one in every seven Australians is aged 65 years and above. These people are unable to perform the basic chores at home and need the assistance of home services. The generation which is inching towards 60 needs services like retirement planning and advice, house cleaning, tax services, etc. The seniors who have crossed the 65-year mark need healthcare services, senior care services, assisted living facilities and more. The millennials are also extremely busy with their professional lives and have less time to spend on household chores which makes them rely on home service franchises. They are even getting the groceries delivered to save time spent on shopping.

 5. Growth During Pandemic

Since people are now at home, they are spending less on travelling and recreation out of their abodes. Thus they have more disposable income which they are utilising in availing services from the comfort of their homes. Food delivery, pest control, landscaping, vehicle repair, car detailing, and more such businesses are witnessing an upward trend because of increased time being spent at home. Thus essential services which are needed at all times have become the biggest money spinners for franchisors. It is ideal for first-time franchise buyers to consider these sectors for investment as they are progressing and will never go out of business.

 6. Flexible Work Hours

A home services franchise allows the owner to visit the residence of the clients and offer them the service. Thus you can choose the work hours and even the days when you want to work in a week. You can inform your customers that you will be available on this day and then book the job. It helps the franchisee to enjoy the perfect work-life balance. If you need to increase the profits, you can take more jobs in the same week and enjoy a lucrative lifestyle. The demand is not going down so you will have ample of opportunities. Also, the brand name of the franchise will provide the required recognition and reliability.

 7. Training and Support

Like every other franchise, the home services franchise comes with the advantages of full training and support from the head office. You can learn the tricks of the trade in a few weeks and start running your own business without anyone breathing down your neck. You have complete control over the service, and there are no brand guidelines to be followed. It is not a restaurant or takeaway where you need to maintain a standardised taste.

You only have to make sure to satisfy the client in the best possible manner. Some of the franchisors provide support by offering a list of potential clients and help with finding new customers. It makes running the franchise easier and effortless. You must enquire about the benefits being provided to the franchisee while making the purchase.


Like every dark cloud has a silver lining, the pandemic too, has brought about changes that have proven to be beneficial for essential services. If you are looking for a franchise for sale in Australia, then this is the right time to take the plunge by acquiring a home services business. These entities will continue with their winning streak because of the nature of the business and are more convenient to manage.