7 Most Profitable Franchises to Own in Australia

  • Manish Khanna
  • Franchise
  • September 02, 2020
7 Most Profitable Franchises to Own in Australia

It is natural to look for a comfortable way of performing a challenging task. So when it comes to owning a business, acquiring a profitable franchise is the preferred option. It offers the incredible advantage of grabbing a low-risk business model, which is primed for growth and has all the proven processes in place.

From getting trained by the franchisor to being offered ongoing support, it comes with a plethora of benefits. It saves you from the hard work of setting a business up from scratch and takes away all the stress of brand building and establishing a position in the marketplace.

Thus it is not uncommon to find aspiring entrepreneurs looking for a franchise for sale in Australia to fulfil their dream of becoming their own boss. If you too wish to invest in this booming industry, then here is a list of seven of the most profitable franchise opportunities that should be on your wish-list.  

1. Takeaway Food Franchise

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way businesses operate, and consumers purchase goods and services. With the customers staying indoors and avoiding public places, takeaway food franchises have become hot-selling entities. Branded food trailers are highly sought-after among food lovers who have been waiting to taste their favourite delicacies during the social distancing period.

The trailers extend the advantage of mobility to the owners so they can position them at the most strategic locations to make higher sales. These food trucks and trailers come loaded with a fully equipped kitchen and yield exceptional weekly takings with low overheads. If you love whipping up some delicious meals in the kitchen and want to enter the flourishing food industry in Australia, then check out the opportunity given below.

 2. Cafe and Coffee Franchise

Cafe and coffee shops have been mushrooming in the country to leverage the growing coffee culture. From small boutique shops in the suburbs to classy and lavish shops in the cities, there is no shortage of cafes in Australia. The revenue of the industry touched $5 billion in 2019-20, and the biggest players in the market are the well-known franchises owned by Retail Food Group, Starbucks and Emirates Leisure Retail. The big brands have the upper hand in the bustling markets with national-level marketing and high exposure.

These franchises are highly successful in attracting customers and generate a considerable income for the franchisees. If you too want to own a cafe, then here are all the opportunities available across the country.  

 3. Home-Based Franchise

With remote working becoming the new norm, many entrepreneurs are looking for home-based opportunities. It gives the franchisee the comfort of working their own hours from the comfort of their residence without any interference from anyone. There are several home-based franchises that can be acquired at a reasonable price and need minimal training to get started, such as pool cleaning, tutoring, bond cleaning, etc.

All of these are recession-proof business opportunities that are always in demand. Most of the urban households have working couples who need the support of these professional services to live a luxurious lifestyle. If you want to become a part of a similar franchise network, then take a look at the opportunities listed on the link below.

 4. Retail Franchise

While online shopping is gaining momentum in the country, retail franchises have also grown enormously. Branded retail stores are always in high demand among the consumers as they find reliable products under the same roof and can check them before making a purchase. From a technology franchise to corporate branding stores and printing cartridges, you can choose from a variety of retail chains that are performing exceptionally. It is easier to find financing for these established and growing ventures.

Thus if you are a people’s person who wants to own a big branded store, then take a look at the retail franchise opportunities mentioned on the link below.

 5. Health and Fitness Franchise

Australians are known to be health fanatics. You can find people swimming, jogging, and working out on any given day. Thus gyms and fitness studios have become prolific businesses, which now hold a market share of $2 billion. The sector has diversified into various other services like yoga, Zumba, pilates, meditation, kickboxing, martial arts, etc. People love to join these franchises as they are renowned and have all the state-of-the-art facilities that offer them the best service. It is a lucrative franchise opportunity for people who like to stay fit and wish to own a popular franchise. So check out the link below to find out all the opportunities on the market right now.

 6Aged Care Franchise

The population of aged people has been rising in the country over the years. In 2017, there were 3.8 million people above the age of 65 years residing in Australia. Thus there is a growing need for helpers for seniors who provide in-home aged care. They provide companionship and support to seniors who are unable to manage their daily chores on their own. With the population of the older people living alone in cities rising, several franchises have come up in the field.

These allow the franchisee to provide the service in an exclusive territory without putting in much effort. The healthcare industry is a booming sector and you can easily become a part of it through the acquisition of an aged care franchise. So here are all the profitable opportunities that can be grabbed right away.

 7. Lawn Mowing and Gardening Franchise

Beautification of residential and commercial properties is an essential chore which needs professional help. This is the reason why lawn mowing franchises are becoming highly successful. These provide the franchisee with all the cutting-edge equipment and branded vehicle that can be taken anywhere in the large territories assigned by the franchisor. They have an established reputation in the industry and enjoy long-term contracts with several clients.

The best part is that the owner can choose his working hours and days and take up as much work as they want. With training and support offered by the franchisor, it is a money-spinning opportunity that offers great returns. So check out the link given below to know more about the current franchise listings.   


An entrepreneur can make the most of his investment by purchasing a profitable franchise for sale in Australia that has a high-growth potential. If you are looking for similar opportunities, then make sure to look at the profitable sectors mentioned above to find your best match.