Top 10 Australian Franchises That Can Make You Rich

  • Manish Khanna
  • Franchise
  • March 05, 2021
Top 10 Australian Franchises That Can Make You Rich

With more than 90,000 businesses operating in Australia, the franchise industry is one of the biggest players in the market. From food retailing, education services and construction to healthcare, finance and support services, franchise networks have penetrated every segment. While international brands are a force to reckon with, the homegrown chains have become equally popular and prominent. The multi-billion-dollar industry offers the most rewarding and comfortable entrepreneurial opportunities.

If you intend to purchase a franchise for sale in Australia, you should be aware of the topmost homegrown brands that can make you rich. These well-recognised chains are ruling the roost with their understanding of the local markets and the ability to serve the customers in a personalised way.

 1. Poolwerx

The well-recognised brand has been serving the Australian hinterland for almost three decades. Poolwerx is Australasia’s largest pool and spa maintenance network, which boasts of over 350 territories comprising both retail stores and mobile vans. The franchise network allows homes across the country to enjoy safe and healthy pools within their backyards.

Poolwerx have teams of nationally accredited and certified professionals who offer excellent maintenance services. The brand was conferred with the franchisor of the year award for 2016 and the multi-unit franchise of the year from 2012 to 2015. If you are interested in becoming a part of this chain, you can find options in different locations by visiting our website.

 2. Gutter Vac

Cleaning services are in high demand in the country because of an ageing population and growing double-income households, which do not have the time to clean. Thus, owning a Gutter Vac franchise can bring the profits that you desire with a plethora of other benefits, including full training and ongoing support.

Founded in 1995, the company was the first to inventgutter vacuuming, which allows speedy and safe elimination of debris and leaves from the gutters. The company was honoured with the top rank in the overall franchise category in 2017 and has now spread its territories in the USA. The fast-growing network presents a viable opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs.

 3. Gelatissimo

Every Australian is acquainted with the gelato brand that offers rich and creamy flavours in enticing colours. Set up in 2002, Gelatissimo has the best range of ice creams, including vegan and gluten-free options. The acclaimed network has been awarded several accolades, such as gold at the Australian Dairy Industry Awards 2020 and silver at the Sydney Royal Cheese and Dairy Show 2020.

The brand has expanded its reach to international markets and is present in China, the Philippines, India, Singapore, Bangladesh, and Saudi Arabia. To become a part of this expanding franchise network, contact Franchise2sell or visit the website for complete details.

4. Coffee Club

The company made its foray into the market way back in 1989 to provide a flamboyant and casual café experience to coffee lovers. Today, it is the largest Australian café group that has more than 400 units across nine countries and over 40 million satisfied customers. Owned by the Minor DKL Food Group, which is a well-known retail food franchisor, the Coffee Club is highly sought-after for its exceptional customer service, delicious brews, and decadent cuisine.

The group offers three types of franchise units, including a fully licensed café and restaurant, a dedicated café, and counter service kiosks. It has also introduced drive-thru stores and has become a huge brand among the homegrown names.

5. Battery World

Successfully operating since 1997, the Queensland-based national franchise group has become a well-respected brand in the replacement battery sector. Growing by leaps and bounds, Battery World has become a leader in the retail battery industry. With over 90 stores across Australia, the brand plans to expand its reach into the CBD markets with its flagship stores.

The broad range of products offered by the brand includes car, SUV, 4X4, camping, biking and marine batteries. From providing batteries for household appliances to vehicles, the group has been leading the way in the industry. Currently, the largest battery retailer, the brand is highly trusted and reputed.

6. FoodCo

The FoodCo group was established in 1989 and is the owner of the famous franchise networks – Muffin Break, Jamaica Blue and Dreamy Donuts. The small café and bakery shops operate throughout the country and have expanded to international markets including New Zealand and the UK.  

The group has approx. 500 franchise business retail outlets which are operating through the three concepts in seven countries. The well-established franchise networks offer the best working systems and processes to franchisees and are known for their comprehensive training modules.

7. Mad Mex

The Australian fast-food chain is in high demand among the connoisseurs of Mexican cuisine. The brand has over 60 stores operating in the country in 2017 and has been awarded with several laurels in the fast-casual category. The high-growth franchise opportunity as it emphasises on selling healthy fast food which is non-greasy and messy.

The growth path of the brand envisaged by the founders involves starting 35 stores within 16 months. The fantastic development plan opens up exciting opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs which can be leveraged effectively to become successful.

8. Bakers Delight

The first Bakers Delight store opened in Victoria in 1980 and has been serving breads for the longest time. The much-loved and adored brand is known for its delicious and fresh bakes. The franchise network has become a leading bakery chain in the country and has over 700 stores running across Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and USA.

The brand has won the Australian Franchise System of the Year award consecutively from 2001-03 and Prime Minister’s award in 2004, which makes it the perfect franchise to make an investment. It was also the recipient of the most trusted brand award by Reader’s Digest in 2013.

9. Skinny’s Grill

The franchise has been around for a while and has carved a niche for itself with its winning streak. Capturing the attention of consumers with its healthy fast-food options, the brand has been satisfying the needs of people on a diet looking for delicious meals. The wide range of fare served across its stores includes vegan and gluten-free dishes.

In 2017, the franchise network added 20new outlets in NSW and continues to grow every year. The high street restaurants and the quality fare has helped the brand in gaining a broader share of the market which can be capitalised by a farsighted entrepreneur.

10. Roll’d

Bringing sumptuous Vietnamese food to the tables, Roll’d is one of the fastest-growing food businesses in the country. The multi-award-winning food chain served more than 5.2 million customers last year, which speaks volumes about the popularity of the franchise network.

At present, it has more than 80 stores in various states and has come a long way since its inception in 2012. The burgeoning business offers the best support to its franchisees and is known for its authentic recipes and splendid customer service. If you plan to become a food entrepreneur, then you must grab one of the Roll’d franchise to grow.


The industry has been growing strength to strength and the native brands are stepping up the game. If you wish to own a franchise for sale in Australia, make sure that you pick one from the list mentioned above to become wealthy quickly.