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  • Detailed Franchise Profile Page
  • Unlimited Images for each listings
  • 3 categories for each listings
  • Image Gallery
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Silver Package

  • $ 350 (gst)


  • 5 Listing
  • Franchise for Sale Website Uniquely designed for Franchise only
  • Detailed Franchise Profile Page
  • Unlimited Images for each listings
  • 3 categories for each listings
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Gold Package

  • $ 500 (gst)


  • 10 Listing
  • Franchise for Sale Website Uniquely designed for Franchise only
  • Detailed Franchise Profile Page
  • Unlimited Images for each listings
  • 3 categories for each listings
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Selling a Franchise

Franchising a business is one of the options in growing a successful business model, as it allows you to grow the business without the need to increase staffing.

The cost of the new franchise outlet is borne by the franchisee, and the franchisor earns monthly royalty from the profits generated by the franchisee. Thus providing support to the franchise owner allows them to focus on growth.

Recruiting dedicated managers for business units can be a daunting task. However, a franchisee is self-motivated to become successful as they have invested their own money in the business.

Management of the franchise is in accordance with the policies laid down in the Franchise Agreement and Operations Manual designed by the Franchisor.

The Franchisor doesn’t lose control over the business model and both parties work together towards achieving the same goals.

Selling a franchise is an effective way to penetrate the market quickly through the establishment of brand equity in local regions and territories.

Branching out becomes a breeze if you know how and where to market your franchise effectively.

Selling a franchise offers a simple and straight forward way to expand the business while reducing the risk factors.

You gain the benefit of having local representation, knowledge and loyalty with a national brand.

How to sell with Franchise2sell

  • Step 1 Register Online
  • Step 2 Verify The Details
  • Step 3 Make Payments
  • Step 4 Complete the Process

If you are not familiar with the online process, let us assist you in creating an account. Call us on 1300 556 121 now.

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How to SellFranchise in Australia

The Australian marketplace is full of franchises for sale. To make your franchise stand out in the crowd, know your point of difference and have all the information, as trust and understanding is the key to success with potential buyers.

Prepare For Sale

Entrepreneurs are skeptical about choosing a business for investing in and won't go for a deal unless they are confident about the growth prospects of the venture. This is why it is imperative for the Franchisor to have all the documents, facts and figures neatly organised to be examined by the buyer.

Before hitting the market to sell a franchise, organise the franchise documentation, including the financial reports in a systematic manner.

This will help in answering the queries of the prospective buyers in an efficient manner with substantial evidence for any claims related to the turnover and profit margins.

Create a Franchise Agreement Disclosure Document and Operations Manual for the franchisee to ensure adherence to the operation of the franchise, terms and policies as outlined by Franchisor.

Have a 7-10 point selection list of items which the franchisee has to do before becoming a franchisee, this helps to filter out people who aren't really interested or may become troublesome franchisees in the future.

Determine The Value

To establish a realistic selling price of your franchise, evaluate the financial records of your franchise for the past three years.

Secondly, take all the physical and tangible assets of the franchise into consideration to get the correct value.

Research the market for other franchise opportunities similar to yours to come up with a price which is neither too high nor too low and a point of difference as to why yours is better.

Hire a professional adviser to determine the correct value of your franchise without any personal bias.

Market Your Franchise

Selling a franchise requires marketing exposure to let others know about your franchise and the opportunity. As they say, it is no use having a great opportunity if no-one knows about it.

Franchise2Sell creates cost-effective and enticing listings for your franchise to be promoted among a community of potential buyers.

With our franchise for sale listings, your advert gains exposure to a huge database of prospective registered buyers.

Franchisors receive 1,000's of new enquiries every month from qualified buyers.

Negotiate The Price

Talk to qualified buyers and filter the ones who genuinely seem interested in owning the franchise, while building the brand name in the market.

Do not make hasty decision in selling a franchise. Examine a string of buyers to identify the best fit for your franchise model. A bad franchisee can can cost you more than the money.

Do not reduce the price of the franchise if you have already sold franchises, as you are reducing the value of other franchisee's investments in your franchise.

Be patient with the waiting process for finding the right buyer with the right price. It should not become a distressed sale even if you are in a hurry to expand a business or resell a franchise.

Remember, your are after the right franchisee for the franchise, not one who wants to buy cheap. A franchise who buys cheap may costing you more than the price of the franchise.

Close The Deal

Discussthe terms and conditions of the Franchise Agreement.

Prepare the legal documentation with the help of a franchising professional and agreements for sale.

Schedule the date of the franchise to start and transfer the relevant equipment and assets, identify the date for the beginning of training of the new franchisee.

Review all the documents and sign the papers in the presence of an attorney to make everything official and legally binding.

Steps for Selling a Franchise Successfully

Selling a franchise may take a week, or a month, or even more. It all depends on the opportune moment when you find the best buyer for your franchise. However, these four steps ensure that you find them sooner than others.

01. Package The Franchise To Entice The Buyers

Inform the buyers about the financial state of the business and future growth prospects.

02. Promote The Franchise In The Target Market

Rigorously market the franchise among qualified buyers through a reliable channel.

03. Keep Operating The Business Profitably

To lure the entrepreneurs, you need to keep the books and bottom-line in favourable conditions.

04. Entertain Multiples Buyers At The Same Time

This allows the owner to compare and identify a suitable buyer competent to lead the franchise.

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Learn More About Selling a Franchise with Franchise2Sell

The Best Marketplace for Selling Your Franchise

Your business is like your baby. The effort and toiling that goes into setting up an enterprise is hard to describe. It is not easy to find the right buyer who can efficiently work on building the brand name. In the digital world, the most economical way of selling your franchise is online. Our website is a leading and trusted marketplace for selling a franchise. We have listings from all the commercial hubs of Australia and receive thousands of page views every day. When you list your franchise with us, the possibility of reaching your potential buyer increases manifold as compared to other channels.

Why Should You Sell A Franchise?

Selling a franchise can be hard because of the emotional attachment. However, it may be the smartest business proposition as you get a big pay cheque and royalties for years to come. This helps in securing your future, and the money can be invested in the other ventures or the stock market. With Franchise2Sell, you can find qualified and passionate buyers who can take your brand name to new heights. Franchising improves credibility, visibility and brand identity by acquiring a more prominent target market. Motivated buyers are sure to successfully handle the franchise without letting its name down.


Sell a Franchise Effortlessly and Quickly

The best time to sell a franchise is when your business is doing well and is earning profits with a positive bottom-line. The safest and swiftest way of selling it is to get it listed online. Franchise2Sell creates an enticing professional advertisement which is sure to get thousands of unique visitors every day. While short listing buyers, you must consider the fact that the entrepreneur should be able to add value to your existing methods and policies. After the sale, train the buyers and help them at every step of the way to help the brand grow.

Sell a Franchise for Ultimate Business Growth

Franchising is a prevalent growth strategy in all the business domains ranging from hospitality to beauty and healthcare. It is a productive business model that leads to a sizeable return on investment. Studies indicate that 30% of the franchisees outperform the parent company. This is because a lot of passionate and motivated people get into the business and catapult it to great success in quick time. Thus, it is a prudent decision to sell your franchise to become more profitable. The search functionality on our website allows buyers to find franchises in specific locations, thus directing only targeted traffic to your listings.


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Selling a Franchise is The Way Forward

Selling a franchise could be an expansion strategy or an exit plan of an entrepreneur. In either case, Franchise2Sell provides complete assistance for a smooth transition.

Evaluating the Decision To Franchise

Franchising is steadily gaining momentum in the Australian market as a lucrative growth prospect. However, entrepreneurs must figure out if their business is ready to take the plunge. It needs detailed planning and creation of a wealth of documents related to policies and terms of franchising. The role further requires providing intensive training and on-going support to the franchisee. You must branch out only when your business has reached the growth stage and you have the time to assist a franchisee.

How To Find A Franchisee?

While preparing a unit for sale, the franchisor is always concerned about finding the right buyer. This is vital because a novice or unprofessional candidate can ruin the brand equity in no time. To find experienced and skilled professionals, you need to target a specific audience segment which can be easily accessed through Franchise2sell. You can assess the calibre of the prospective buyers and identify the one who shows the competence to shoulder the responsibility efficiently.

How To Crack A Profitable Deal?

To seal a successful deal, the franchisor must adhere to the asking price set after the evaluation of the business. There should be a margin for negotiations at the time of final discussion. Meet as many qualified buyers as possible to increase the chances of getting the best price with minimum compromise. Create a standardised process consisting of checklists to handle inquiries efficiently on a continuous basis. Do not settle for something substandard because of time constraint. It is recommended to be patient with the process.

Forge A Successful Partnership

The franchisor should not treat the franchisee like an employee, but as a collaborative partner in leadership. The expectations of revenue from the new unit must be realistic and fact-based and should not become the bone of contention. Selling a franchise requires a lot of hard work from the franchisor who needs to train the buyer and his employees and provide continuous support to run the business without any hiccups. The end result will be rewarding for both the parties if the collaboration is managed with perfection.


Reach thousands of prospective buyers every day

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Have your contact details displayed in the franchise listing

Gain enquiry e-mails directly in your inbox

Gain e-mail backup for references

Social Media Boost for your Franchise Listing

No commission or hidden charges


Our customer support team can help you to maintain your account. We help you by refresh your listings twice a month, and check whether the category mentioned is correct or not.

We also add valuable input to help make sure that your ad receives maximum visibility and exposure to the right potential franchisees.

If you are unable to create a listing, we can do it on your behalf. You just need to email our team at [email protected] or call 1300 556 121.

We refresh your listings twice a month so that your ad appears on the front page and gains maximum exposure.

If this does not help and you are still not receiving any enquiries, then send an email to [email protected] or call us on 1300 556 121 and we will be happy to assess your listing content, category and location and offer suggests on possible changes to help boost enquiries.

Every franchisor is allowed to add a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 10 listings depending upon the package they have chosen.

A franchisor listing appears on Franchise2Sell for the following:

  1. For at least a month (since our packages are offered on a month-to-month basis),
  2. When monthly payment has ceased, or
  3. Until the Franchisor deletes or notifies Franchise2Sell that the listing is sold.

1. Log in to your account and click on Add New Business to create a new advert.

If you wish to copy or create adverts with similar content,
2. Go to the right-hand side of the advert and click on Create Duplicate (It will create an exact copy of your advert).
3.Now click on the Edit Advert button to change the location or amend the content.

This way you won't have to copy and paste the content again and again for new listings.

Please note: when you create a duplicate advert, the copy will appear on the top.

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